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Welcome to the Glacis United Football Club Website. 

We are a long established social and amateur sports club in Gibraltar and member of the Gibraltar Football Association with representation in the junior and men's football leagues and men's futsal league.
We have a Club policy of fostering sport and recreational activity amongst our youth since the very early age of 5. We also ensure that our older members and players remain active by involving them in veteran’s football and futsal events and also provide them with other less physically demanding activities held within our clubhouse. We also participate in community related initiatives, mainly in relation to local charities, and involvement in schools with our football and futsal programmes. 

We continue to have faith in our development system and

with the recent membership of the Gibraltar Football

Association into UEFA and FIFA and the prospect of

additional training facilities and the recently announced

acquisition of Victoria Stadium, we are certain that we will

prosper in our sport.


Since the admission of the Gibraltar Football Association into UEFA and FIFA our youth are now facing the challenges from the professionalisation of the game and the greater demand on facilities and space.
With a professional approach, a detailed strategic plan and hard work, we will attract, retain and develop our youth so we can ensure a bright future for them.  


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